Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pardon the Intermission..

But we back..

First..let us has been a hell of a year. Plenty of ups..and plenty of down..but in the always..the good..outweighs the bad.

And with that..we can say..our good is coming together..quite swell.

Plenty of new music from ourselves (UPS) as well as good friends of yours and people we have worked with.

We want to start things off much better..and much more productive.

and with that..we give you a few records...

Dave Young (Signed to Mary J. Blige) "BedBangers" The Mixtape

(Produced by UPS)

Donyea - Me Vs Me

Chili Chil Ft. Donyea - The Way I Live

A-Roc - Bout My Business

Demo for Mishon - Ex Box