Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ight every week we will be posting bad bitch of the and this is definetly certified bad...

Ashlaee Albar



I see why old niggaz go out and date young bitches...
They know that there finger fucking there pockets...lmao but shit at least the nigga die with a smile on they face, and die with the satisfaction damn my last days on the planet earth i was bashing a beautiful


Sex on the Feet

Nike Air Max 1 Premium Mint Safari

I usually don't fuck with air max's.I mean I always wanted some but everytime i wanted to get some another shoe caught my eye. but with these im goin 2 have clear out the schedule and fuck with these..They have same kind of color way as the grapes.

I got to get my Carl Winslow on....(cop)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sports Utility Bentley???

So..Bentley is trying to stunt on

According to rumors..Bentley will begin plans to develope the Bentley SUV.

Rediculous? Yes!

Personally, The coupe is already popular, not to mention fly enough..but the fact that the SUB may be in the simply awesome!

Well..its going down! Ill keep you posted!


Monday, November 24, 2008

It really is cold..

Oh my the he sleep or dead?

I can say though..besides the rapping off course and the "look-aways" from the camera..
the beat kinda groovy lol. Seriously!

The economy is fucked up....but if all else fail pussy will sell..

This is more proof that world iz fucked I mean think about it prostitution been around since the biblical days... It crazy niggaz cant pay they bills but one thing a dude will pay for is pussy...Pimps will alwayz be in buisness..

Day of Champions..

Lets take a trip back...way back..well about 3 weeks ago..

November 4th, 2008..

President-Elect Barack Obama took the stage in Chicago, front of a crowd of 100,000 plus, to give his acceptance speech as the 44th President of the United States..

The reactions to the victory were indeed more heartfelt than anything. From the joyous celebrations, to the tears of joy..(most of the nation) we're indeed feeling a sense of change at the time. Especially for the elderly african americans who were deeply moved by America's decision..where most of them had the same thing to say..which was.."I thought I would never see the day.."

Some say that alot of african-americans are overreacting at the decision..but what they dont understand is that..some 200 years ago, blacks were not in any way..counted as humans, which then, resulted in a law having to get blacks counted to be at least 3/5 a person. Moving from that to a black monumental..and beyond anyone's dreams..

What Barack wanted supporters and non-supporters to know, is that we have got the start out of the way.."one" of the hard parts are out the its time to focus on the thing that he so heavily rallied and structured his entire campaign around.

America will soon see if this change will be underway..but this is only the beginning..we must work to get where we want..

U.P.S. supports Obama..problem? lol


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello. Ciao. Salut!

First off..We (U.P.S. Musik Group) would like to welcome you to the "New." At this time..feel free to grab a fresh cup of joe, the morning paper..and enjoy the sights, sounds and words of this blogspot.
We are a group of talented producers, writers and artists (Deezy, Merge, Donye'a, Faye, Kent Money, A-roc and K-Flo)..who would like to share with the world..the everyday life..and thoughts of what we feel may be funny, controversial, or just absolutely amazing! lol.
Stay tuned for the real..
God Bless..